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Transform your nutrition business with an ultimate tool: our powerful App!

Effortlessly manage your work and Grow business from anywhere, anytime

Business Growth

Flexibility & Scalability

Exceptional outcomes


With the Right Platform, Great Things Can Happen

In today's digital age, the right software is essential for any business that wants to stay competitive and succeed. The right platform can be a game-changer for your business, unlocking new levels of efficiency and success. Don't let outdated or inadequate tools hold you back - upgrade to the best and watch your business thrive

Experience the power of NutriSwift

"Grow your practice and reach more clients with our software solution. Streamline your processes, improve patient care, and increase revenue with our powerful tool. From tracking patient data to facilitating communication, our software helps dietitians provide personalized, effective care and achieve greater success in their business."

Everything you needed in single place

No more scattered client information - our platform keeps everything tidy and in one place

NutriSwift-All-in-One Toolkit


NutriSwift-Integrated Diet Tools

Diet Tools

NutriSwift-Total Freedom to Dietitian


Dietitian Meal Planning and Templates

Easy Meal Planning and Templates

Effortlessly plan and send meal plans to clients with our simple system. No more Word, Excel, or WhatsApp scrolling required to find out which plan you sent. Whatever you sent is recorded for your future reference.

NutriSwift-Meal Planning

Meal Planning

NutriSwift-Ready to use Templates

Ready to use Templates

NutriSwift-One click send

One click send

Effective Communication Chat and Video calls

No more scattered client information - our platform keeps everything tidy and in one place

NutriSwift - Integrated Chat and Video

Integrated Chat & Video

NutriSwift - Send Files and Images

Send Files & Images


Same as WhatsApp


Realtime Client Progress Monitoring

Stay on top of your clients' progress with real-time tracking of weight, activities, meals, and other critical health parameters - all automated for simplicity and ease of use.

NutriSwift - Close Monitoring

Close Monitoring

NutriSwift - Weight and Fat Monitoring

Weight / Fat Data

NutriSwift - Meal Updates

Meal Updates

Auto Appointments, Follow-ups, ToDo List

Effortlessly manage appointments & follow-ups and never miss a beat with automatic tracking at the tap of a button - no more manual tracking or chasing down clients

NutriSwift - Easy Follow-up and Appointment

Easy Follow-ups

NutriSwift - Manage Todo List Personal or Professionals

Manage ToDo List

NutriSwift - Different Notification and Reminders

Notifications & Reminders


Payment and Reminders

Eliminate the hassle of manually tracking payment timelines and reminding clients with our automated system. No more missed payments or awkward follow-ups - stay organized and on top of everything with ease

NutriSwift - Manage Clients Payment Seemlessly

Payment Management

NutriSwift - Never Miss Payment from Clients. App will remind you

No Missed Payment

NutriSwift - Payment Book Simplified. No need to maintain offline records

Payment Simplified

Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Stay connected with your clients and track their progress without disturbing your personal life (by means of WhatsApp) using NutriSmart. Easily monitor progress and provide feedback anytime, from anywhere

NutriSwift - Stay Connected with you client

Stay Connected

NutriSwift - Deliver Top Results

Deliver Top Results

NutriSwift - Enjoy Work-Life-Balance

Work-Life Balance


Exclusive Client App, Available for Free

As a dietitian, you can take advantage of our two connected apps - one designed specifically for you, and the other available for your clients. The client app allows them to easily upload their weight (or connect to a Smart Scale), meal photos, chat or video call with you, track daily steps and water intake, upload reports, and record blood pressure and more


Having access to real-time client data allows you to deliver exceptional services and strengthen trust with your clients, resulting in better results, longer-term service from clients, and more referrals. By staying up to date with your clients' progress and needs, you can provide personalized support and achieve even better outcomes

What Our Clients Say

Boost Your Productivity and Expand Your Reach with NutriSwift

Grow Business.
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